We are so pleased that you are interested in starting the BIZNOVATOR Journey. With the BIZNOVATOR JOURNEY JUMPSTART, your child will start their journey towards Discovering their Purpose, Transforming their Mindset and Connecting to their Future.

We invite parents and their children ages 8-20 to subscribe to our BIZNOVATOR JOURNEY JUMPSTART Workshop and take this first step towards their future growth.  We ask parents to be engaged as we have specifically designed our content as a way for parents to learn with their children and reinforce the messages and knowledge we share throughout our programs. 

 Throughout this training, Juan Casimiro, CEO and FOUNDER of BIZNOVATOR will guide you through basic principles that young people need to put them on the path towards their future success.  Juan is considered an international thought leader in youth empowerment with over 30 years of hands on experience. 

During the BIZNOVATOR JOURNEY JUMPSTART, your child will learn tips, techniques and best practices such as:

Goal Setting 101
Time Management
Developing and Sharpening Assets

We are super excited to get started!  

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