Through our experiential learning methodology, we understand that young people must first become self-aware and identify the key attributes that successful people deploy on their path towards living a purpose filled life.

Throughout this training, Juan Casimiro will utilize the foundational principles of the word D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R. as well as the 7 Mindsets. This world renowned methodology helps youth to realize their potential and what is possible now and in the future.  From there our BIZNOVATORs will learn the foundational principles and mindsets that equip young people to pursue their purpose as entrepreneurs, social innovators and global leaders.

At the end of this training, your child will develop a BIZNOVATOR DISCOVER Plan that will be shared with their family, teachers and peers. As a culmination of their hard work and focus your child will then be ready for the next step in the Journey - BIZNOVATOR TRANSFORM.


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