Today’s youth are inheriting a rapidly changing world full of complex social issues, high expectations, daunting challenges, and unimaginable opportunities.  At a time when traditional education and standardized testing has limited and created mental blocks in our students, we seek to disrupt the way we teach and reach our next generation of leaders.

The MyBIZNOVATOR Platform is designed to empower, teach and create young entrepreneurs, social innovators and global leaders.  Our one of a kind platform is designed to help the learner realize their undiscovered potential.  Our proven model is a one stop learning lab for users of diverse backgrounds to learn in a fun, easy user friendly style.

At BIZOVATOR, we are creating world shapers, independent and purpose filled youth with entrepreneurial mindsets to innovate, disrupt and transform the world they'll serve.


The BIZNOVATOR CHALLENGE is the preliminary step in your BIZNOVATOR JOURNEY.    By subscribing to MyBIZNOVATOR, you will receive frequently updated content designed to provide a high level summary of key concepts and methods BIZNOVATOR has leveraged to empower youth around the world.  The content within the BIZNOVATOR CHALLENGE is “free” to all subscribers.  From within our BIZNOVATOR CHALLENGE we will encourage you to participate in our robust programs offered under “Featured Courses”.  All of our courses leverage our proven methodology and world class content that Juan Casimiro and the BIZNOVATOR Team have delivered to international groups of young people for decades.  

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