To empower teach and create young entrepreneurs, social innovators and global leaders who will positively impact their communities and the world.

BIZNOVATOR is more than a company, we are a movement that believes youth development needs to be placed as a top priority within governments, private sector and local communities. Our approach is viewed as a foundation mechanism for attaining sustainable economic development and societal progress for our rapidly changing world. More than ever, we need to enable our youth to live a purpose driven life to shape the world they will inherit. More than ever, its critically important that today’s youth; DISCOVER their purpose, TRANSFORM their mindset and CONNECT to their future.

Post-Millennials, also known as the Generation Z (born from 1995-2010), are technologically savvy, entrepreneurial and eager to help change the world! To increase the capacity of Generation Z, BIZNOVATOR has three goals and outcomes we wholeheartedly embrace – – increasing entrepreneurial, social innovation and leadership knowledge. Through our robust “My BIZNOVATOR” Online Platform and in-person Workshops, Camps and Academies, BIZNOVATOR teaches students to discover their passions and strengths while learning to create success pathways for their future!​

MyBIZNOVATOR is a Youth Empowerment Platform specifically designed for today’s curious and purpose seeking youth. Within this platform we have compiled our combined 50+ years of international experience in youth development, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and leadership education. After listening to your requests, BIZNOVATOR  created a self-paced program that features online workshops and start-up business camps designed specifically for young people from all backgrounds and cultures.  Now with just an internet connection, aspiring young people from countries around the globe can tap into the knowledge and learnings that we have been delivering to young people for decades.  Within  our  online programs, we have distilled the core elements of our in person seminars, workshops and camps, and are now providing access to our world class programs to young people from ages 8-21.

We invite you to join us by clicking on the BIZNOVATOR CHALLENGE. There you will complementary content that will begin to introduce you to the core principle and foundational elements of the BIZNOVATOR methodology. From there we know you will want to experience our world class featured courses; DISCOVER, TRANSFORM and CONNECT. We are excited for you to join us.  Don’t wait, take action now!


ATP is the most basic vehicle for energy in life. Potential energy is held in the triphosphate molecule. When ATP arrives at the place in need of energy, the furthest phosphate breaks and transfers the energy. At this time the ATP becomes ADP and must find another phosphate to re-energize. A single ATP molecule is recycled hundreds of times a day.

Our greatest hope is to help BIZNOVATORS use their potential energy to impact their communities. And just how ATP is recycled hundreds of times a day, we hope BIZNOVATOR’s impact will be multiplied by others.


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